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It was in 1989 when I started to delve into the mysteries of photography,
having been “inspired” by a colleague back in school.
What started out as a hobby, soon became a passion and in the end my profession.
I have always been a creative spirit – drawing, sketching and graphic design
have followed me from early childhood until today.
Though the tools of the trade have changed from pen and paper to digital ones,
the process which lies behind will always remain the same.
Creativity is nothing you can learn - you´re either blessed with it as a gift… or you´re not.
There´s hardly a task that I am not willing to at least give a try instead of telling anyone right upfront
“I don´t think I´m capable of doing this” or “This can´t be done”.
Life will always be the "try-and-error" code for any creative person.

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